Live Stream

Live Stream

  • $100.00
    Unit price per 
Tax included.

Live Streaming services

  • Base: $100 / up to 6hrs
  • Additional hours: (negotiable) day + expenses (food, gas, hotel - if multiday)

Onsite requirements:

  • Reliable high speed internet - need a min upload speed of 15 Mb/s
  • Prefer ability to plug into ethernet vs Wi-Fi
  • If commentary desired, need to quiet space to commentate
  • (soft tip)Recommended to have access to dart board for video capture of scoreboard display


  • 2 or 3 camera setup
  • Score line on stream
  • Tournament logo on stream
  • Link to bracket
  • Streaming on Facebook and/or YouTube
  • Potential for a primary and secondary board to stream


Advertising opportunities

  • Ad placard to be displayed 1-2x /hour
  • Sponsored stream - logo appears during streaming event