Lucky Blown Glass Dart Ring

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Lucky Blown Glass Dart Rings are handcrafted borosilicate glass rings designed to hold 3 darts in place. Featuring a translucent color that everyone has been waiting for! This design uses gold to produce the vibrant fuchsia color. Dart Rings are made for dart players of all skill levels and can be used solely as a necklace case for your fully assembled barrels or even worn as a necklace pendant.

Translucent meaning: the object is not completely clear, but does let some light pass through.

For more designs, visit the official Lucky Blown Glass website.

Includes Adjustable Necklace: These stylish rings hang from a black cord necklace complete with silver tone lobster clasp and extension chain. However, they can be placed onto your own personal chain or lanyard if desired.

Dart Rings are designed to support virtually every barrel size, weight and flight shape (even slim and paper flights). They can be used with either soft tip or steel tip darts.

Dart Rings are incredibly convenient to keep your darts on your person by simply slipping them into the ring (in-between matches or in-between throws). They work in perfect combination with traditional dart cases (that will store and protect your darts when you're not playing/not showing off your dart ring!).

Fun Fact: Glass blowing dates back to 300 BC and did not make its way to America until the 17th century!

Handle with care: They are durable and can withstand mild impact. However, avoid dropping on hard surfaces such as tile or cement.

Each model is handmade, unique and made in America.