Rost AK57-T19 White Dart Shaft Standard Flight

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Combination of 2 different materials (AK7 shaft and AK5 flight) assure the shaft and thread tougher to fit in barrel, but the flight remain flexible, away from ripped out caused by previous dart, and durable use for your dart game.
Precision molded dart flight assure the flight stay at 90 degree for perfect angle in each shoot.

3 Sizes Available: S/M/L
  • S: Total Length 64mm(2-1/2in) with Shaft length 23mm(29/32 in), 1.25g
  • M: Total Length 69mm(2-23/32in) with Shaft length 28mm(1-1/8 in), 1.33g
  • L: Total Length 74mm(2-29/32in) with Shaft length 33mm(1-19/64 in), 1.45g

Gift color box packed, suitable for all level players, ideal choice for players who tire of picking up the fall-off flights.